Anne Lowenthal, MPH

Self-Sabotage Coach. Strengths Empowerment Coach. Human Design Enthusiast. Radical Remission Coach & Workshop Leader. Cancer Prevention Coach & Root Cause Practitioner. Essential Oil Educator.

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About Anne

Strategic Thinker (CliftonStrengths). 4/6 Mental Projector (Human Design). Non-conformist. Truth-seeker.

I do everything (build my business and wealth; nurture relationships; maintain and improve my health; and build my belief in myself) in a way that honors my desire to think, create, and learn using my unique strengths:

I gather and collect information and resources to share with others. This is one way I appreciate & nurture the unique qualities in each person as I help them acquire knowledge & gain skills to be their best. I lOVE to learn, am introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions, and get excited about transforming something strong into something even better. I’m fascinated by meaningful ideas on a wide range of subjects and always looking to connect the dots and point out what’s missing. I truly value genuine relationships & deep connections with like-minded people. I speak passionately from the heart, take care before making decisions & am inspired by my positive visions for the future.